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273,000 Bitcoins taken away from crypto market within a month

Bitcoin investors have reasons to be excited amid a significant amount of volatility prevailing at the flagship crypto market.

The number of Bitcoin holders in profit is about 94% as data retrieved from Glassnode, a crypto analytic firm, showed.

Bitcoin Percent Addresses in Profit (1w MA) just reached a 1-month low of 93.851%.

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Metric description; The percentage of unique addresses whose funds have an average buy price that is lower than the current price. “Buy price” is here defined as the price at the time coins were transferred into an address.

At the time of drafting this report, Bitcoin traded at$32,640.90 with a daily trading volume of $63.8 billion. Bitcoin is up 5.03% for the day.

What this means: Sequel to such metric stated above, the turnaround for investors in profit occurred some hours ago when Bitcoin dropped to $28,950 — a key level when it comes to support from large pocket investors and only its second dip below $30,000 in 2021, as a leading bitcoin investor, Microstrategy bought 314 more Bitcoin valued at $10 million, momentarily pushing prices above $32,000.

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Chainalysis researchers explained in detail that as the rush for BTCs keeps increasing, the price will most definitely be affected. The report said:

“With more people looking to trade BTCs, which is only becoming scarcer following the recent halving, bitcoin moving from the investment bucket into the trading bucket could become a crucial source of liquidity.”

Consequently, amid the impressive metric showing a lot of Bitcoin wallets in profits, Jesse Cohen, a senior crypto analyst, in a note to Nairametrics, spoke on the outlook for Bitcoin in 2021.

“I expect Bitcoin to remain highly volatile to the downside in the new year, given the potential for more scrutiny and tighter regulation. That should see prices fall back from their record highs, with the prospect of increased regulation being the most important factor affecting Bitcoin in 2021.”

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