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There have been so many impressive technological gadgets and devices invented over the last two decades. We’ve seen the innovation of smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, and the list goes on. Most households possess at least one of these devices, even those with the lowest income levels.

However, the epitome of modern technology is not an electronic device. It is the evolution of social media networking, allowing people and businesses to communicate with each other on a global scale. Social networks can be accessed on any computer device with an internet connection, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The first big social media network was MySpace, but then Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter eventually dominated the cyber landscape. Now over one billion people worldwide are active users on one of these three social media networks. They use these networks to share personal information with friends and promote products and services to potential consumers.

Social media technology is very powerful. It can influence people to purchase items, vote for politicians, make new friends, start new businesses, and become famous on the internet. Never before has a piece of technology given the average person so much power. All you need to do is positively utilize that power to benefit yourself and the other people who follow you on social media.

Below are the top six ways social media technology shapes our world like no other technology has before.

1) Digital Marketing

Social media technology has changed the way businesses conduct their marketing practices. Fewer companies rely on print newspaper ads, Craigslist ads, or television commercials to reach people. Now they invest their marketing dollars into Facebook and Instagram promotions.

For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to post promotional content on Instagram, you can buy real Instagram likes or views for the post. Once those likes and views accumulate, it will cause more people to follow your channel and the brand associated with it.

Or let’s say you want to advertise your brand on YouTube, you can easily check YouTube clicks so that people can click on and view the videos containing your ads. Once they do this, many more natural clicks will follow, thereby giving your brand the exposure it needs.

There has never been an easier way for entrepreneurs to build a brand and gain leads for their businesses. The best part is that entrepreneurs with limited budgets can start promoting their content for free. And if they ever choose to invest money in likes, views, or ads, it doesn’t cost much to get started.

2) Direct Communication

Almost everybody has a smartphone in their pocket nowadays. And yet, very few verbally talk to other people on their smartphones. Instead, they spend most of their time chatting away with friends and family on social media apps.

Casual telephone conversations are almost obsolete. When people think of using the phone for communication purposes, they now think about using a social media app rather than a phone number to call someone. How crazy is that?

Social media apps let users send text messages, pictures, emojis, videos, and shared content with their connections. It is so much more fun than merely sitting down and just talking to someone.

3) Politics

Social media technology has dramatically impacted modern politics. In the old days, politicians knocked on doors and sent out flyers to reach their potential constituents. Now they go on Twitter and communicate with their followers in real-time.

Perhaps the best example of this is with U.S. President Donald Trump. He is notorious for influencing his supporters on Twitter to believe in whatever he wants. Some critics even speculate whether he could have become president if it hadn’t been for social media’s promotional power.

The point is that social media technology influences the outcome of modern elections. As more people share political videos and commercials on their social media channels, it makes more sense for politicians to invest in social media ads rather than television ads.

6) Employment Opportunities

Did you know that social media is helping people find new jobs every day? LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professional people. It can be used to connect with other professional people and companies looking to hire new talent.

What is fascinating about job hunting on LinkedIn is that you don’t have to keep sending your resume to each potential employer. All of your work and education history are listed on your LinkedIn profile.

That makes applying for jobs so much faster and more straightforward because you don’t have to keep attaching your resume to your applications. Your profile will connect to the application automatically.


Social media technology has been a blessing in so many ways. But at the same time, it has contributed to an increase in online bullying and misinformation. Since so many people spend their days and nights on social media, they can quickly become susceptible to mean and deceptive people online.

It is best to use social media productively. Try to avoid getting into uncomfortable debates with people about politics, religion, or any other topic that is personal to them. If the technology is used to better yourself or your business somehow, you can make the most of it.

Over the next decade, you’ll see social media networking become the number one form of communication in the world. It’s what people will use to run their businesses, chat with friends, apply for jobs, get new dates, and choose political candidates. What other technology could ever do all that for one person?

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